Childhood Day volunteering terms and conditions

NSPCC Volunteer Arrangement

Welcome to the NSPCC

To volunteer you must agree the terms and conditions below. These terms constitute the fundraising agreement between NSPCC and you, as a volunteer

We will…

  • Train you for your role - we want all our volunteers to be confident and capable in their roles and so will train you to undertake your role to a high standard. Everything you do for the NSPCC should follow your training and our policies.
  • Provide support and supervision - if there is anything you don’t understand or is troubling you, we want to help. There will always be a named person you can talk to and they will regularly be in touch to see how things are going.
  • Cover your expenses - we will cover reasonable out of pocket expenses incurred whilst undertaking your volunteer role. Your coordinator/supervisor/manager will explain the process and the limits on what you can claim.
  • Give you a voice - In order to make your experience as rewarding as possible and to ensure the NSPCC is operating to the highest standards, we will regularly ask you for feedback. Please share your thoughts, ideas and insight so we can improve and ultimately make difference to children and families.
  • Insure your activities - We will provide adequate insurance to cover you and your activities while you are undertaking your role. Your coordinator/supervisor/manager will be able to explain what cover we hold in relation to your role.

You will…

  • Be committed – we ask that you attend your volunteering activity at the times which we have discussed with you. If for any reason you can’t make a session or have to change the level of commitment you are able to make to us, please speak to your coordinator/supervisor/manager at the earliest opportunity.
  • Follow our policies, procedures and training – we will train you for your role and explain all the policies and procedures relevant to it. These are designed to keep you, our service users and our organisation safe.  Please do not operate outside of these at any time during your volunteering with us.
  • Act in the NSPCC’s best interests – during your time with us it is important that you act in the best interests of the NSPCC. If you are currently engaged in any activity which may prevent this, we ask that you discuss this with your coordinator/supervisor/manager as we may ask you to cease such an activity before commencing volunteering with us.
  • Look after and return NSPCC property – any materials we give you to undertake your role remain the property of the NSPCC. They should only be used for the purposes of carrying out the activities you are undertaking as a volunteer with us. You must look after our property and return everything when you end your volunteering with us. If any damage, loss or theft occurs please inform your coordinator/supervisor/manager immediately.
  • Preserve NSPCC intellectual property – within your role you may help to produce text or artwork. So we can use these materials again and maintain our brand identity, all intellectual property rights in anything produced or created by you in the course of your volunteering will belong to the NSPCC.
  • Understand the voluntary nature of our arrangement – as a volunteer your relationship with us is binding in honour only and this document is not a legally binding contract between us. Neither of us intends any employment relationship to be created either now or at any time in the future.
  • Maintain data protection and uphold confidentiality - we will always protect your data in line with the law and our good practice policies and procedures on data protection and confidentiality.
  • Be able to end the volunteer relationship – either you or the NSPCC can decide to end the volunteering relationship at any time. We ask that you give us as much notice as possible if you want to end your volunteering role, and we will always try to do the same.

Our arrangement…
I confirm I have read, understood and agree to all the terms and conditions set out above, and understand NSPCC may terminate our relationship if I am in breach of any of the terms and conditions. We recommend that you print and keep a copy of this agreement with a note of the date on which you accepted its terms and conditions. Many thanks for your support and good luck with your collection!