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Our Child Safety Online (CSO) Taskforce

Learn about what a group of amazing supporters and industry leaders are doing to help us make the online world safer for children.

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We won’t stop until every child is safe online

We know we can’t do it alone. We believe everyone can play a part in keeping children safe. Our CSO Taskforce is a diverse group of industry leaders passionate about helping us transform the online world for children. The Taskforce is working with us to help accelerate and unlock the ambitions of our work in online safety.

About the Child Safety Online Taskforce

The Taskforce provides us with strategic advice, insight and expertise. The members use their influence and networks to help us establish new ways of achieving our ambition of making children’s online lives safer.  

They do this by helping us bring to life pioneering new programmes of work. This includes creating new strategic partnerships, sharing insights and mobilising people across their industries.

The Taskforce is making an impact through:

  • industry change by championing a ‘safety by design’ approach to doing business
  • child advocacy by helping us listen to and amplify the voices and experiences of children at a much bigger scale
  • funding, resources and campaigns by helping us develop exciting new ways to mobilise people to support our work.

The Taskforce is a group of 11 NSPCC volunteers who are also senior executives across a range of industries. These industries include angel investing, consumer brands, digital parenting, financial services, government and public affairs, media, PR and technology.

The members of the Taskforce are:

The Taskforce has set up and continues to grow its network of industry leaders and supporters. Members of the Network of Champions help it to draw on a broader mix of perspectives, skills, networks and opportunities to help make a difference for children.

They do this by:

  • sharing ideas and advice
  • making connections from their networks
  • supporting events and campaigns.

It’s an important way for people across a wide spectrum of industries to engage in and empower our online safety work.

"Helping to keep young people safe online is vital to their wellbeing and cross-industry collaboration is crucial. It's exciting to bring together a Taskforce full of experience, expertise and different perspectives to help us make a transformative impact for children."

Diala Khlat MBE, Chair of the CSO Taskforce

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