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If you think a child is in immediate danger

Don't delay – call the police on 999.

We’ve made some changes to our webform to make it easier and safer to use. 

This form will time out and the information you've entered will be deleted if you leave it inactive. This is to protect your privacy as well as the child you are concerned about. But this does depend on the browser and device you're using. If you are concerned about this, we have more information and tips to help you complete the form below.

If you use the 'hide page' button on this page you will be taken straight to Google and any information you have entered in this form will be deleted.

Tips to help you complete our form

We have taken steps to protect you and the child you're concerned about - so this form will time out after 4 hours. However, if you're using Google Chrome, this does depend on your personal browser settings.

Note: If you use the 'hide page' button on this form you will be taken straight to Google and any information you have entered will be deleted.

To ensure the information you're sharing with us is secure, you can:

  • switch to private browsing on the browser you are using to complete this form
  • clear your browsing data (internet history) immediately after you've submitted the form
  • reset the password on your computer, phone or device - choosing a secure password that no one else knows.

To help you complete the form we have a chatbot called NAT. NAT will ask you for further information, if needed, at the end of each page of the form. Please tell NAT as much information as you can to help us deal with your concerns.

There are some things it may be helpful to know or think about before you start.

  • We’ll ask you for the names and addresses of the child or family you’re worried about. It’s helpful to have these to hand before you start, but if you don’t know them, please provide as much detail as you can.
  • You can also use this form to get some advice about a situation, but you’ll need to provide your details so that we can contact you. You can also send us an email at
  • There are some mandatory fields that you’ll need to complete to move on to the next page of the form; we’ve tried to keep these to a minimum.

There are lots of reasons why you might want to remain anonymous. You don't have to share your details with us, but if you do, you can tell us not to share them with other agencies – like the police or social services.

If we think a child could be at risk we have a duty to share any relevant information that you give us with other agencies, but we won’t share your contact details if you have asked to remain anonymous.

If you do provide us with your details, this means we can:

  • offer you advice and support about your concerns
  • come back to you if we need more information before we take action to protect the child or children
  • suggest other agencies or organisations that may be able to help you.

We will contact the police if we think that they need to check on a child’s safety.

If you think the child or children you’re worried about are in immediate danger, please call the police immediately on 999

Please note that we are not able to accept webforms at this time.

If your concern is urgent, please either contact the police on 999 or email the Helpline on Please note that you still have the option to request anonymity. The NSPCC values every contact and we apologise for this temporary reduction in webform availability.

Your contact details will be used to respond to your enquiry and administer the service. We may contact you to ask for feedback on how the service was helpful to you. (Published responses are anonymised). We also use information for monitoring the quality and performance of our service. We will not share your details with any other organisations for them to use for their own purposes. View our privacy policy for full details.