The next Prime Minister must be a champion for children

We've joined forces with the UK's leading children's charities to make sure the next government puts Children at the Table.

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Sign the petition

Children are facing more challenges. With your support, we can make sure the next Government does more to transform the lives of children living in the UK


At the next election, the UK has a chance to be best the place in the world to grow up. Right now, it isn’t. In the last few years children have faced more challenges.  

It’s estimated that more than 1 in 4 children live in poverty.

There are more babies going without support from health visitors. More children growing up in poverty. And more young people are waiting months on a mental health waiting list.

We can change this. To make this happen, the next Government must make good childhoods a national priority.

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62% of UK children think that politicians don’t understand the issues that affect children and young people today.

The Children's Charities Coalition

We’ve teamed up with the other leading children's charities in the UK - Barnardo’s, Action for Children, The Children’s Society and The National Children’s Bureau - to create The Children's Charities Coalition.

Together, we aim to put Children at the Table by making children's voices heard in the upcoming election.  

We want to see safer, happier and healthier childhoods right across the UK. Ahead of a general election we’re working to make sure political parties launch plans that put children at the heart of the next Government.

We’re asking the next Government to:  

  • work together to improve the lives of babies, children and young people
  • put children's needs and voices at the heart of decision making
  • spend more of the nation’s wealth on babies, children and young people.

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Why is this important?

If the new government puts children first, we can make sure: 

  • children have a great childhood and start in life  
  • child poverty, mental health, and children’s social care are addressed comprehensively.  
  • we rally the entire government to make the UK the best place for babies, children and young people.  

Join us to make a difference for children

Soon there will be a general election. The first in five years.  


As any parent or carer will tell you, childhood flies by. A baby born this election day will have started school by the time of the next election. This election’s eleven-year-old will be taking their exams by the time of the next one.  

Children rely on adults. On parents. On teachers. On politicians. Even on the Prime Minister. 

In less time than it takes to boil a kettle, you can sign our petition and ask the next Prime Minister and Chancellor to be a champion for children. Will you join us?

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