We have an Online Safety Act!

We've done it! Thank you for all your support, you've helped create a safer online world for children

View our journey
View our journey

We now have an Online Safety Act that children and young people can be proud of


We can finally say that the Online Safety Act has been passed into law.

This means that the internet will be safer for children and young people. Websites and apps must now be built with children's safety in mind, and tech companies will have to legally protect them from harm.


Looking back on our progress

Since 2018, when our Wild West Web campaign began, a lot has changed.

We've grappled with changes to goverment and goverment departments. We've also had to make sure 4 different prime ministers made this Bill a priority, and worked closely with different ministers, MPs and members of the House of Lords to make the Bill stronger for children.

Crucially, we made sure the voices of young people and those affected by online abuse were central to our campaigning. We made sure those in charge heard their experiences and what they thought needed to change. 

Getting such an important piece of legislation passed was a complex challenge. But thanks to all our campaigning, a Duty of Care on tech companies to protect their child users will be part of this new law. We're so pleased that all our hard work has finally paid off. 

Members of our Young People’s Board for Change campaigned strongly for the legislation, meeting ministers and MPs who worked on the Bill on a number of occasions. They said:

"It is a huge relief now that companies will be legally obliged to keep young people safe online. It empowers us to have the freedom we deserve to use these platforms, whilst still being protected. The online world should always be a safe place for everyone."

You've helped us create a safer online world

Throughout our campaign, we heard from so many people who told us why a strong Online Safety Bill needed to be passed, from our Young People's Board for Change, to those personally impacted by online abuse. 

We also heard from you, our supporters. You told us in your thousands how important the Online Safety Bill was to you, and the children in your lives. 

Thanks to so many of you joining us and campaigning for children's safety, we now have an Online Safety Act that children and young people can be proud of.

Thank you for your support


This is such an important moment, but our fight for a safe online world for children isn't over, and we will be watching to make sure tech companies take the neccesary action to keep children safe. 

But we want every single one of you to know that none of this incredible progress would've been possible without you. You've taken action, raised awareness, and stood with us - all of which has taken us one step closer to taming the Wild West Web. 

Whether you signed our petitions, contacted your MP, or shared our campaign on social media, we want to say a massive thank you.

You've made a lasting difference to children's lives.

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