Help keep children safe online with Techosaurus!

Techosaurus is here to help you have those first conversations with your child about online safety.

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Order your pack today

Meet Techosaurus, our new online safety dinosaur!

Children are growing up in a time where screens are everywhere and the internet plays a big part in their lives, even from a very young age.

This can be beneficial, they can learn new things, connect with friends and family, and have fun. But it's important to have conversations on how to explore the online world safely.

That's where Techosaurus, our new friendly dinosaur comes in!

We understand that talking about online safety can seem daunting, but it doesn't have to be. We have created Techosaurus specifically to make these conversations as easy as possible for you and your child.

Techosaurus is aimed at little ones who are starting to use technology and the internet, and keeps the conversation around online safety positive. Techosaurus will help your child to form healthy online habits, routines and behaviours from a young age, and build basic knowledge and skills related to online safety.

For a suggested donation of £6, your little one can be introduced to the online world safely through Techosaurus.

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Why talk about online safety with your child?

Talking regularly with your child can help keep them safe online. Having this conversation helps to prepare your child from an early age, so they can safely explore the internet and know who to speak to if things go wrong.

It's also important to listen to your child and give them a chance to talk about what they're experiencing online, what apps and sites they use and who they're talking to.

You could try making it part of a daily conversation, like you would about school. This can help your child feel relaxed, and means that if they do have any worries about online safety, they're more likely to talk to you about it.

What's in the pack?

Parent's guide

A simple guide on how to start having the first conversations around online safety with your child.

Activity booklet

Featuring 5 engaging activities designed to teach them about online safety including a colouring page, a maze, dot-to-dot, and more!

Certificate and family agreement

Once they've completed the activity booklet, you can fill out the family agreement together to reflect on what has been learnt, and award them with the online safety certificate.

Play, Protect, Ask, Say

We want to make talking about online safety easy for you and your child, because we know that talking regularly with children about these important safety messages can make a big difference. 

To help you get the conversation started, Techosaurus introduces 4 key messages to share with your child. Each one offers simple, practical advice that can help keep your child safe online.

Play and be kind online

The internet can be a lot of fun, and Techosaurus often finds lots of games to enjoy. But it’s important to be kind while you’re playing, letting everyone else have fun too!

Protect your personal information

Lots of important information can get shared online, such as your date of birth and address. 

It's important to keep this information private and only share it with a safe adult you trust.

Ask before you try something new online

Always ask for advice from an adult you trust before you try something new online, it's much safer and more fun to learn together!

Say if anything has made you feel upset

It's always good to talk to a safe adult you trust about anything that makes you feel sad, worried, or confused. It doesn't have to be a family member, it can be a teacher, a friend's parent, or any adult that you trust and feel safe around.

Whatever has happened, it's not your fault, and you will never get into trouble for speaking out.