Trekking motivation How to keep going on your challenge

On any long distance trek there’ll be moments when you think you can’t go any further. 

It might be halfway in, a mile before the finish, or every time there’s a hill looming.

But we’ve got some top tips to help you keep going. 

1. Create a motivational playlist

Make sure it’s long enough to last your trek with plenty of variety: you don’t want to be stuck listening to the same 5 songs all day. For an extra boost, ask your friends to add a song to your playlist, while making a donation to your NSPCC fundraising pot, along with a message of support explaining their choice.

2. Use your trek time to broaden your horizons

A few hours of walking is a perfect time to listen to that podcast or audio book you keep meaning to check out but never quite find the time for.

3. Snack your way to success

For a little lift, save your favourite energy snacks to eat at the toughest points of your trek.

4. Get some company

Don’t go it alone. Ask some friends to join you on training walks or for a few miles of the trek – even better if they’ve got a dog. And don’t be afraid to chat to other people walking around you – people taking part in fundraising events are a super-friendly bunch and have inspiring stories about why they volunteer.

5. Distract yourself with games

To take your mind off your trek and aching muscles, try playing a few games with your fellow walkers like word association or a round of I Spy.

6. Pack some inspiration

Before your trek, ask friends and family to give you a note of support: a funny photo, inspirational quote or a reminder of why you’re part of Team NSPCC. Ask your pals to seal their tokens in envelopes and open one every time you reach a milestone on your trek.