Apps for hiking


Not sure where to start with your walking / hiking? We've gathered together some apps to help you get outdoors and enjoy mindfulness on the move and raise money for the NSPCC.

Walking gives you the chance to step back from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and take stock. You can explore new landscapes, reconnect with nature, slow down and reflect on your life.

If you can get outside to take a stroll, or a more determined hike, the impact on your mood and mental health can be extremely positive. We all know that immersing yourself in nature has an uplifting effect and walking goes one step further – it’s a great form of exercise too.  While we all walk far less than we did 50 years ago, studies show that walking can ease joint pain, boost our immune system, reduce the risk of heart disease and even extend our life.

Remember, you can get an individual plan designed for you by Full Potential to support you with your trekking challenge – fill out the simple survey to request yours.

Apps to try

AlpineQuest GPS Hiking Lite - provides topographical maps that work whether or not you have internet access.  It shows you where you are on the map in real time and you can change the orientation to reflect what you can see. No getting lost with this app!

Ifootpath - This handy app offers over 950 digital walking guides in the UK. You can search by postcode, county, walk type or collection to find the route for you. Use the app to add your own photos and comments to routes too.  

MapMyWalk - If you’re a keen walker and always off on a fresh adventure, MapMyWalk is a great app to add to your collection. Keep track of your route, and share it with friends, while also tracking your performance.  This app has a social side too, so if you’re hoping to find some new friends to ramble with, MapMyWalk could be the place to look.

Outdoors GPS - gives access to ordinance survey maps offline, so you don’t need to bring a map out with you. Hikers can choose from over 20,000 free routes and navigate using the built-in compass. You can track your route and save your favourite walks to ‘My Places’. It also highlights points of interest so you can share photos of your trek.  If you’re only an occasional hiker, you can also download a version just for national parks in the UK for £1.99.

ViewRanger - Explore the whole world with ViewRanger’s free terrain maps which cover 23 countries in detail. If you’re not sure about planning your own route, there are plenty of guides to flick through too.  Go for premium and once your out and about you won’t miss the beauty of the landscape around you as the Skyline feature uses augmented reality to label peaks, places and points within your camera’s view.

Walking Meditations - add a mindful element to your stroll with the Walking Meditations app. If seated meditation isn’t for you, then walking meditation is a great alternative. The app guides you through each meditation and shows you how to experience your body and your surroundings fully. Available on: Apple and Android.