Winter training 5 tips for staying motivated

It isn't easy training for the marathon, and it's even harder in the middle of winter. Dark nights and unhelpful weather all play a part in making it really tough.

In this blog, our expert coaches at Full Potential share their top tips to help you stick to your training and keep motivated.

1. Get the right kit

"There's no such thing as bad weather, just bad kit."

Investing in quality kit will go a long way to making training easier. Once you've got the right kit then you'll want to make sure you're using it right!

2. Dress for the end of the run

Everyone is different and will sweat more or less than others. Think about how hard you're going to be running and how hot you'll be, and dress for that.

Doing an easy run? Then you might want an extra layer on. Going out for some intervals? You'll heat up more and there's nothing worse than running with carrying clothes tied around your waist.

3. The treadmill is your friend

Running in the gym might not be as fun as running outside. But it's a safe, warm and solid surface to run on. It won't be for every session you do, so you can console yourself with that. I like to set the incline to 1% on a treadmill, to make it a little more like running outside.

4. Put training in your diary

Put your training into your diary and aim to stick to your exercise routine. Commitment to training will make all the difference, and sometimes just writing it down helps you to stick to the plan.

5. It's easier with friends

Don't feel you have to go alone. Reach out to your other runners and share the journey with them. Get your friends and family on board supporting you, they can be the ones giving you some motivation when you need it.