What to expect on race day Preparing for a great day

Marathon race day is such a special experience and nothing can really get you ready for the explosion of emotions that you'll face.

We suggest getting a practice race in (maybe a 5 or 10k) before the big day, so you can get some exposure to what it's going to be like on race day and don't end up feeling like a rabbit in the headlights.

What can you expect:

    • Don't worry if you don't get a great night's sleep, this is normal as the nerves are flying around. Just try to stay as relaxed as possible.
    • You might not be very hungry on race morning, but getting some food is vital. Eating something which you've had before and you know you can keep down will help.
    • It will be very busy on the way to the start line. Give yourself plenty of time to get to that start line and build in a bit extra. There's nothing worse than rushing around and wasting precious energy.
    • Expect to wait at the toilets.
    • When the race starts, you might not go anywhere. There's 30,000+ people to get over that start line, it will take a bit of time.
    • You might well find yourself running a lot quicker than planned when the race starts and the adrenaline is pumping. Keep an eye on your effort level and stay patient.
    • Use the crowd to help keep you going. It's almost overwhelming at London, the incredible noise they make. Draw the energy from them to help keep you moving forwards.
    • Expect to hurt and question why you are doing this at various points. Know you aren't going through this alone. Look around at your fellow runners and draw strength from understanding you are all doing this together.
    • You might get very emotional at the end of the race, and just go with it.
    • You'll still be able to walk after running 26.2 miles!