The final long run Planning the last run of training

The final long run will come at a different point in your marathon training plan, depending on where you're at with your training.

It's important to not take this run too seriously. Your main goal for this run should be: to enjoy it!

Here's a few tips from our expert coaches at Full Potential, to help you make the last long run count.


You can use the final long run as a dress rehearsal for marathon day. Start the long run the same time as the marathon will start, and then you can work your timings back from there. Think about when you will eat breakfast, and what you are going to eat.


Wear the kit you are going to use on race day. Get out there with your NSPCC T-shirt or Vest on and show your colours! It might be a bit cooler on this long run compared to marathon day so you might be wearing a t-shirt underneath the NSPCC top.


The last long run is a great opportunity to make sure your on-the-run nutrition is sorted out. The timing, and what gels you are going to have on the day, wants to be sorted out so there's nothing new on race day.


You don't want to go too far in this long run. We think that 3 hours is long enough for this final long run. Any further and the fitness gains that you'll get will be offset by the additional recovery needed to take on this fitness.


Enjoy the last long run and remember marathon day will be very different. You will have tapered down, so go into that run a lot fresher, and also will be joined by thousands of other runners and an amazing crowd. These factors will make a huge difference on race day, trust us.