What to pack on race day 6 essential items for your kit bag


The clock is ticking and race day is fast approaching.

It’s time to get ready. Your race bag needs to have everything you need for before, during and after the race.

Preparing it properly can make your race day experience a lot easier.

1. Timing chip and race number

You'll be amazed how often this is forgotten! If you don't bring them with you on race day, you won't be allowed to compete.

Attach your timing chip to your running shoes the day before race day if that’s what the race organiser instructs you to do. It will save time and stress on the day.

2. Vaseline

Chafing is a common problem for runners. Bring some Vaseline for those areas prone to irritation. It’ll save you a lot of discomfort and allow you to focus on your performance.

3. Food

Don’t forget any bars or gels you’re planning to consume during the race. You don’t want to get halfway round the course and find yourself struggling for energy.

4. Spare clothes, socks and shoes

After the race your feet will be desperate for some reprieve. Pack your most comfy footwear and put them on for your journey home. The hard work is done!

Bring some spare clothes and a small towel too if the forecast is for a wet race. The dry clothes will feel fantastic. A bin liner or dry bag to stash wet kit in is helpful too.

5. Wet wipes

Whether it’s cleaning up any scrapes or if the pre-race toilets run out of loo paper, you’ll be happy you remembered these.

6. Tasty snack

After finishing your race, your body will be craving some extra energy. Treat yourself to your favourite snack, safe in the knowledge that you've earned it.