As emotional abuse contacts rise, Childhood Day will raise funds for our vital services

Childline counselling sessions on emotional abuse have increased, and we're calling on the public to support Childhood Day on 7 June 2024.

Over the past year, our Childline service has seen a 5% increase in the number of counselling sessions it has delivered to children experiencing emotional abuse1.

In just over half of sessions where the main concern was emotional abuse, being shouted at or verbally abused was the top sub concern.
Being criticised, humiliated and called names was the second most common sub concern. 

Support Childhood Day on 7 June

As we publish the data, we're encouraging communities to come together and help keep children safe by supporting Childhood Day on 7 June. People can get involved by donating, volunteering at a collection point or taking on the charity’s Childhood Day Mile
Lidl GB has been named as retail sponsor for the event for the third year in a row and is encouraging customers and colleagues to get involved in activities across the country to help raise money.
All the funds raised from Childhood Day will go towards helping the NSPCC deliver vital services, like Childline, which supports children at risk.
We know that over time and without the right support, emotional abuse can have long lasting effects on a child’s social, emotional, and physical health.
That is why it is essential that services like Childline are here for those children who need help and do not know where to turn.

One young person that called Childline2 said: “I love my dad, he does not shout or swear or call me horrible names like mum. I feel way safer at his house, I don’t at mum’s – she’s really scary.

"Just yesterday, she screamed at my sister to ‘shut the F up!’ I honestly want to leave my house and run and run and never look back - but I can’t. What do I do?”

Sir Peter Wanless, NSPCC CEO, said: “Half a million children a year suffer abuse in the UK. That means 7 children in a classroom experience abuse before they turn 18. This can’t go on and it doesn’t have to.
“It’s devastating to hear that contacts to Childline on emotional abuse are on the increase. We must remember that these are not children who are being overly sensitive or dislike being disciplined, they are being psychologically abused by the people who are there to protect them. 
“For the past 140 years, the NSPCC has been working tirelessly to prevent abuse, change the law and support children at risk, but the charity knows that strong communities are at the heart of keeping children safe.
“That is why the charity is encouraging everyone to play their part and support Childhood Day. £4 raised could help a Childline counsellor answer a call to a child in need of help.”

Mark Newbold, Lidl GB Senior CSR Manager, said: “We’re proud to be backing Childhood Day for the third year in a row, rallying our colleagues and customers in support of such a vital cause – protecting young people.

“No child facing abuse or feelings of isolation should ever have to struggle alone. Childline is a lifeline for so many young people, and we hope that through our partnership with the NSPCC and continued support with raising funds, children who need somewhere to turn can get help quickly.”


  1. 1. In 2023/24 Childline delivered 2,879 counselling sessions on emotional abuse. An increase of 5% compared to 2022/23 when the service delivered 2,752 counselling sessions.

  2. 2. Snapshots are based on real Childline and service users but are not necessarily direct quotes. Photographs on this page are posed by models.