How to ride efficiently


From our own experience and that of coaching riders, the most important points to ensure efficient riding are to pedal without ‘stomping’ down on the pedals, remain relaxed in the arms but stationary in the upper body.

Tension from the upper body or moving about from side to side will make the bike less stable.

Watch: Riding efficiently

Ways to lighten the load:

  • Water - One of the most effective ways to ditch some weight and improve your ride efficiency is to minimize the fluid you have in your water bottles.
  • Nutrition and fueling - Plan carefully so you know where on a ride feed stations are and how long any climbs are likely to take. You can easily shed a kilogram in this way but be careful not to leave yourself short. Do not shed weight to the detriment of your hydration / fueling.
  • Kit - Be ruthless about the kit and spares you carry although you should never skimp so much as to potentially leave yourself stranded.
  • Clothing - There aren’t necessarily significant weight savings to be made from clothing but, from an energy saving perspective over a long ride, baggy or flapping kit is important to avoid. For example, if you have unzipped your cycling top to keep cool on a climb, fasten it up for the descent and any flat sections.