Descending technique Tips to help make your overall speed higher


If you’re a nervous descender, you will waste a lot of energy and lose significant time on the downhill sections of your ride.

By improving your descending technique, your overall riding speed will be higher. You’ll also have more energy in the tank for tackling the climbs.

Typically, you will be riding at faster speeds when descending so it’s really important to keep scanning ahead for corners, potholes and other hazards. Look and plan ahead!  This will allow you to pick the fastest and safest line.

Getting low on the bike with your hands on the drops, covering the brakes will help you go faster in a straight line and give you a lower centre of gravity. This will give you more grip when coming into corners and allow you to react quickly with your brakes if need be.

If you are descending in a group, they’ll often be slower and faster riders all around you. If you’re a slower rider avoid straying too far away from the kerb or roadside to let faster riders pass. Always pass on the right in the UK, and vice versa if you are riding abroad where drivers drive on the right. As with climbing technique, practice on some safe traffic free descents in training. Practice makes perfect and will make you a more confident descender.

The video link below demonstrates how to master fast but safe downhill riding technique.