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When you subscribe to Amazing Me Codebreakers, your little one will get an exciting personalised delivery through the letterbox. Every month is jam-packed with missions, activities and games. Your little one will learn new skills to help them tackle life’s ups and downs.

Spend quality time together having fun as you complete the Codebreakers’ activity packs and crack the code to feeling amazing – with no screens in sight. Your child will learn all about resilience, mindfulness, creativity and more.

It’s the perfect gift for children aged 5-9. Donate £8, £10 or £12 a month to support the NSPCC’s work. Subscribe today and begin your little one’s adventure with the Codebreakers.

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What does your gift include?

Your child will learn amazing fun facts about the human brain, body and the world around them with their new friends, the Codebreakers.

FeelingFinders_v3.pngCollect the feeling cards every month and help your little one discover their emotions and how to regulate them.

Journal_v3.pngThe welcome pack will contain a special journal for your little codebreaker to use to log their thoughts and feelings and stickers to collect every month.

LetterfromCodebreakers-Recovered1.pngImagine your little one’s excitement when they receive personalised post from the Amazing Me Codebreakers.

MissionCards_v4.pngComplete the Codebreakers’ monthly missions and activities and unlock the key to resilience, mindfulness, creativity and happiness.

ParentsEmail_v4.pngReceive information about how each activity is supporting your little one’s wellbeing by email every month.

How it works

1. Sign up today

Choose which child will become an Amazing Me Codebreaker and receive an exciting, themed subscription pack each month. Set up your monthly donation to the NSPCC.

2. We'll send the gift

A personalised Welcome Pack will arrive within 3 weeks addressed to the recipient. Each month your child can expect games, activities and fun educational facts designed to support emotional development and wellbeing.

3. The adventure begins!

Your year-long adventure with the Amazing Me Codebreakers begins. Imagine your child’s excitement when every month they receive post from their new friends!

Meet the Codebreakers

MindfulMilo.pngI like to take my time, think things through, and take a few deep breaths. Together we will enjoy some awesome missions and find our inner calm. Let’s discover our inner zen together!

CreativeCai_1.pngI feel warm and fuzzy when I’m creating. Seeing my thoughts come to life helps me feel happy and carefree. Come and get creative with me. Let’s explore how we can use our creativity to feel amazing together!

HappyHakeem_1.pngI love making people giggle and discovering what makes us happy when we're blue. I know how to let the sunshine in. I can show you too. Let’s do kind things and discover what makes us feel happy together!

Resilient Raven_1.pngThe more resilient you become, the better you feel. You’ll bounce back quicker from the things you find tough, and you’ll be able to keep practising them until you enjoy them. Let’s unlock the secrets of resilience together!

What people are saying

“The current pack is brilliant. It’s great to watch my child’s confidence grow.”

"Molly’s been feeling really anxious recently. It’s great to have a tool to open up conversations and talk about her emotions.”

“Henry’s loving the activities and games and I love knowing that the pack has been designed by experts in child development.”

Your questions answered

The Codebreakers are on a mission to discover what makes each and every one of us an amazing me. Join them and your child will complete monthly missions and activities to build confidence, creativity, happiness and inner calm. Each activity is designed to show your little one what makes them unique.

The monthly activities and content have been created in collaboration with clinical psychologists and mindfulness experts to help your little one develop emotional resilience and wellbeing.

A special Welcome Pack will arrive within 3 weeks.

Your monthly donation will support NSPCC’s work to protect children and prevent abuse. Around 90% of our funding comes from supporters, helping us reach children and young people across the UK.

Over the course of a year,

  • an £8 monthly donation could pay for 24 of our trained volunteer counsellors to answer a child’s call for help to Childline.
  • a £12 monthly donation could pay for our Speak out Stay Safe programme to reach 48 primary school children.

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